Welcome To The

New Meadows River


The New Meadows River Shellfish Cooperative is currently composed of ten shellfish farms that share the greater waters of the New Meadows River from Small Point Harbor in Phippsburg to Princes Point in Brunswick

About Us

Our co-op began between the years 2017 and 2019 after a number of small oyster farms popped up in what was clearly becoming a hot spot for premium oyster production in the New Meadows River region. Small gatherings of oyster farmers to meet and share advice (read have a beer or two) soon became the nucleus for organizing a more dedicated collective to pool resources and amplify each other’s efforts.

With a small group of passionate growers that brought a variety of different professional backgrounds to the table, we recognized we had a special opportunity to learn from each other, share resources and facilities, and connect more deeply with our communities as a formal cooperative. On Jan 13 2020 the current members met in the basement of the local library to draw up a charter and the New Meadows River Shellfish Co-op was born.