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Eider Cove Oyster Farm

Our family-owned oyster farm is located west of Foster’s Point on the New Meadows River, which is a sparsely developed arm of the ocean on the eastern end of Casco Bay.  Long known for superb tasting clams, quahogs, and lobsters, its clean, cold plankton-rich waters produce plump, succulent oysters.  One can taste this magnificent body of water in every oyster.

Our oysters are grown in bags on the surface except during the winter when they are put in cages and placed on the bottom as the upper New Meadows freeze over for a few weeks in the winter.  This site feels the brunt of both southwesterly and northwesterly winds, which tumble the oysters through much of the day, forming a deep cup and strong shell.

Our farm operates almost entirely on solar energy for sorting and washing.  Our boats are hand-powered throughout the year, except on those rare occasions when more power is required.

As weather allows, we typically harvest from early March through December, and sometimes longer.  Although Eider Cove Oyster Farm is primarily a wholesale grower, when possible we do accommodate retail buyers.  Feel free to call for retail sellers that have Eiders in stock.  We can deliver to distributors or restaurants with retail seafood licenses.

 If you wish to drop by the farm by land or water please give us a call.


207-751- 8035

Eider Cove of Bath Maine
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