Where It All Began

Our co-op started forming around 2017, after a number of small oyster farms popped up in what was clearly becoming a hot spot for premium oyster production – the New Meadows River region. Small gatherings of oyster farmers to meet and share advice (read have a beer or two) soon became the nucleus for organizing a more dedicated collective to pool resources and amplify each other’s efforts. With a small group of passionate growers that brought a variety of different professional backgrounds to the table, we recognized we had a special opportunity to learn from each other, share resources and facilities, and connect more. We had the good fortune early on to receive organizational and financial assistance from the Holbrook Community Foundation whose mission to support the working waterfront aligns with our own. On Jan 13 2020 the current members met in the basement of the local library to draw up a charter and the New Meadows River Shellfish Co-op was born.

How We Operate…

The cooperative works through regular meetings where all members have an equal voice and vote to decide on the direction and focus of co-op business. It is truly a collaborative process that draws from our varied experience and skillsets.

Our Mission Statement

“Collaboratively growing the highest-quality shellfish on locally-owned family farms that promote ecological sustainability while respecting the shared usage of the New Meadows River Region.”

At its heart this cooperative is about small farms working together to achieve big things. We take a ‘walk before we run’ approach, and as a new cooperative, we pay attention to goals that we share, and actions that we can take to achieve those goals. 


Our Goals:

Grow the highest quality oyster – We take pride in our work and we continually refine our methods to grow the best oysters that we possibly can. Although we are independent companies, we recognize that when we share information and help one another out, we all benefit – individually and together.


Take care of our natural resources – Our farmers have a shared value that our work on the New Meadows River enhances the ecological health of the waters that grow our shellfish. Sustainable practices are shared, evaluated, and promoted within our coop of growers.


Advance the brand of the shellfish we grow in the New Meadows region and in Maine.

Happy Iron Island Oyster farmer in Maine.

Dingley Cove

Maine Oyster Company

Ferda Farms

Getchell's Ledge

Eider Cove

Iron Island



Hidden Creek

Merritt Island

Mill Cove

Long Reach

Cape Smalls