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Merritt Island Oysters

Merritt Island Oysters

Merritt Island Oyster farm is positioned on the west side of Merritt Island in cold, pristine, fast-flowing waters of the New Meadows River that result in a delicious tide-tumbled oyster with a unique merroir. 

This family oyster farm is run by Jordi and Katrina St. John along with their 2 children Aislyn and Sylvan. The farmhands (Katrina, Aislyn, and Sylvan) help with cleaning the oysters, culling, accounting, marketing, and running social media associated with the farm. Jordi spends most of the time caring for the oysters and making sure they are happy healthy bivalves. His full-time job is working for the Maine Island Trail Association.



Merritt Island Oyster

Merritt Island