Order Oysters & Contact Information

The ways to get oysters from co-op members are about as diverse as the farms that grow them. Like many other seafood products, the best price for you and us is obtained through direct sales. Oysters can be purchased directly from farms, and many of us also maintain farm stands on shore where you can pick-up a dozen or two. You can find details about exactly how and where to do this on the individual farm pages. As mentioned above, we are also offering oysters as mail order through the Maine Oyster Company as well as through the other ‘mail order’ distributors listed below. Finally, while it’s not a comprehensive list, many of our farms’ oysters can be found at the restaurants and fish markets listed below. Any shellfish dealers that are interested in partnering with the co-op should please contact us directly through the form at the bottom of this page.

Mail Order Options

Sampling of Restaurants to Find Our Oysters…

Fish Markets That Carry Our Product

Wholesale Distributors

Dingley Cove

Maine Oyster Company

Ferda Farms

Getchell's Ledge

Eider Cove

Iron Island



Hidden Creek

Merritt Island

Mill Cove

Long Reach

Cape Smalls